...building up the body of Christ
...building up the body of Christ

A few examples

Here are a few examples of work that Christian Training has been involved in.  All of them were tailor-made to meet the needs of the organisation and the people involved.

Team Working

A two-day interactive workshop involving middle managers, helping them work more effectively with their teams


Leaders Retreat

Taking a day from the usual pressures of work, the team established "best practice" for working together and with others


Creating Networks

A programme of training and implementation enabling mission workers to develop supportive and active networks


Supporter Support

A half-day training workshop for a supporter facing team with the purpose of working more productively with supporters


Managing Others

A six month coaching programme enabling a line manager to be a more effective manager of teams and individuals


Enabling Projects

Working with teams helping thme create, develop and present projects to enhance the fruitfulness of the mission agency

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